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Transporting lime, bulk and livestock since 2004!

Speed, reliability, quality: the three words that best describe Gybélic and fill us with pride. Our family-owned business has been providing its expertise and services to agriculture professionals in Quebec and Ontario for nearly 20 years!

Our truck mounted spreader

This fall, benefit from a personalized service for variable rate lime application — at a very affordable price!

Our lime spreading services make it possible to:

  • treat your entire fields (or target zones where you need to control soil acidity)
  • put an end to soil compaction that affects harvests
  • choose between calcitic lime (calcium oxide) or dolomitic lime (calcium oxide with a high magnesium content)

Keep in mind that the best times for lime application in Quebec are May to June and then September to October.

Gybélic will quickly process your request: place your order here now (French only) or call us for advice at 1 (888) 598-2933.



A 5-star pig transportation service

You raise your pigs with care and attention. Trust Gybélic to transport them in compliance with the highest standards of biosecurity. We are proud members of the Association québécoise des transporteurs d’animaux vivants (AQTAV) and our drivers have completed training offered by Transport Quality Assurance (TQA) and Canadian Livestock Transportation (CLT).

Rest easy knowing we care about the well-being of your animals!

We now have 9 trailers optimized to carry your animals to abattoirs across Quebec and Ontario. We also recently expanded our service to the United States.

High-quality services at an affordable price: if you want to partner with someone who cares as much about your livestock as you do, call us, or send us a purchase order form (French only).



Delivering your agri-bulk from point A to point B in Chaudière-Appalaches
and Bas-Saint-Laurent!

We’re passionate about high-quality transportation equipment and vehicles. To move your agri-bulk, we can rely on:

  • 5 moving floors
  • 1 grain dump trailer
  • 1 conveyor trailer

We are more than ready to help you!

We can transport grains, wood shavings, peat moss, bedding and gravel!

We can also transport other materials: contact our professional experts for more information. We’ll answer your questions as soon as possible!


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